Founded in 1984 by Mr Hendrick Fonda, Over the years Fondaco Dental Group has grown steadily and enhanced its services to the dental professions through inspired innovations and technology. We are constantly striving towards customer driven services, focusing on enhancing one stop solution of TOP manufacturers of dental equipment, supplies and consumable of Medical, Medical Aesthetic & Dental. With highly skilled dedicated up to twenty four hours services back up, Fondaco Dental Group has earned a strong trust of its now extensive client base, spread throughout this huge archipelago in private & institutional project sector.

A commitment to education and training for both clients and staff has underpinned the success of Fondaco Dental. Regular professional seminars and workshop utilizing local and international experts, have become a must attend events within our education community so as to keep up with technology  & provide a better patient care.


To meet the unique product and service needs of our customers, our company has shift our focus from product-centric to customer-centric, a move that poises Fondaco to truly offer a preferred destination that meets our customers expectation, end-to-end.


To be the acknowledged market leader for the provision of the WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS in dental, medical aesthetic and healthcare supplies and equipment throughout Singapore & Indonesia.

To meet & exceed customer needs and expectation in the provision of equipment, supplies, technology, education, support & project development / clinic setting. Through highly trained and competent professionals in the provision of WORLD CLASS SERVICES excellence.

Thank you for choosing Fondaco as your service partner and support.