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Central Suction
Central Suction

Good Reason for a "Center" Suction :

I Improved air quality
G Exhaust air is conveyed to the outside, which is very beneficial

for the indoor climate.

G When resins are processed, all toxic and unpleasant vapours are eliminated, and the working environment is cleared of residu- al/microscopic dusts.

G Air change is promoted. I Less noise

G No vacuum motor around the workspace. I More space

G As no suction units and filter housings are located around the workspace, the technician has more space for tools/instruments and more freedom of movement.

I Greater cleanliness
G No exchanging of filters in the laboratory, and dust is evacuated

through the pipeline to the vacuum unit.

G Cleaning of the laboratory is made easier by preinstalled vacuum outlets.

I Smaller overhead
G High-efficiency large blower motors for lower energy consumption

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